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About us

The Newly Renovated Education Platform

Future education lies in the technology, integration, network, mobility and individualized service.

Our platform name is HADI
(Human And Digital Interface)

HADI is the media of connection between humans and technology, and serves as an educational hub for institutions of higher degree to provide qualified learning values and experiences.

New Model Concept and Values

  • Tearing down the unidirectional structure that works as a single process from admission to graduation, establishing flexible education
  • Overcoming the bias in regional recruitment and providing pliabity in career selection
  • Obtaining opportunites by changing the perspective of technology and taking advantage of the changes in the industrial ecosystem.
  • Maximizing the operation of education and content diversity

Our Vision and Goal

The world's largest leading hybrid education platform

An advanced learning space for ‘you’ to choose and prepare for any university in the world
A platform where you can choose any qualified education services you need to prepare for new opportunities

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Tuition & Fees

SOUTH KOREA (Head Office)

171 Dongdaejeon-ro (155-3 Jayang-dong), Dong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea (34606)
Phone : +82 42 629 6643
Email : Korea@hadi-lms.com


Phone / WhatsApp : +62 821 7396 0869
Email : indonesia@hadi-lms.com


Phone / Zalo / WhatsApp : +84 369 033 182
Phone / Zalo / WhatsApp : +84 395 716 813
Email : vietnam@hadi-lms.com


Phone / WhatsApp : +60 11 2355 0540
Email : malaysia@hadi-lms.com


Phone / WhatsApp : +60 11 2355 0540
Email : cis@hadi-lms.com